General workshops & Presentations

Teacher development=====

2001. College of Education, Christchurch, 2001

SC377: Senior Physics Teaching Study.  Redesign and delivery of 40 hour course for in-training physics specialist teachers.

2003-4  T4T4T: “Teachers, for Teachers, for Tertiary”

Served as a mentor in the highly successful year long pilot of an online professional development community for lecturers in CTA institutions

Strategies to Support Active Learning (December 2007) Workshops

Two days of workshops, Chuxiong Normal University, Chuxiong, China

Chuxiong Normal University: Physics Workshop (2) from derekc


2013. Yanbu Institutes and Colleges, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.  September.

Three workshops of 30 hours each.  Part of the project run by CPIT over three years to develop teaching in lecturers at three universities in Yanbu.

  1. Advanced Approaches to Teaching and Learning (x2)
  2. Assessment

Moodle, eLearning, communities, Blogging====

Show and Share, Canterbury Tertiary Alliance. (May 2005)

Cool Tools.  With Nicki Page, CPIT.  (Demonstration)

2002. NZARE Conference (New Zealand Association for Research in Education)  (CPIT, 2002)

The use of an online discussion for ML232.  With Jae Major.  (Talk)

2002. DEANZ Conference (Distance Education Association of New Zealand)  (Wellington)

Managing an Online Discussion: tips, tricks and traps.  With Jae Major.  (Workshop)
Online group work.  (Workshop)

2003.  Facilitiating Online Discussion.

Developed and facilitated five week online workshop.

2003. e-fest 2003 (Christchurch) 
Facilitating an online discussion.  (Seminar)

2004. NavCon 2004 conference. (Christchurch) 
Designing online learning. Co-presented half day workshop.

2004.  e-fest 11-12 October.  (Wellington)

Facilitating an Online Discussion. (Half day post conference workshop)

2005. A Vision for Distributed Learning Community in New Zealand (November)

Plus: “Intranet solutions to support learning”  Talks, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

e-fest 2005 (Wellington)

Setting up for a successful learning community: key considerations. (seminar)

2006. Lincoln University (June)

Communication in Online courses using Moodle.  (Staff PD workshop)
Assessment, question design and Quizzes  (Staff PD workshop)

2006. BlogHui.  (Wellington, March)

“CoP’s and Bloggers” (talk)

CoP's and Bloggers: Bloghui 2006 from derekc

2006. Continuing Professional Education Conference (CPE) (Auckland, April) 
CoP’s and Bloggers: how bloggers and CoP’s can co-exist. (Talk)
Online support for distributed communities (Seminar)

PHYSICS and SCIENCE Education====

1992. NZIP National Physics Conference, Auckland, 26-28 August

“Course Manuals for 6th and 7th Forms”.  [When I had to write my first abstract :-) ]

1996. SCICON ’96, National Science teachers Conference, 1-5 July


  1. Practical Assessment made manageable
  2. A new look at old ideas: the Physics connection

1999. PHYSIKOS National Physics teacher’s conference
Effective Learning in Physics, 7-9 July

Workshop.  “Context rich problem sheets: a small group teaching approach”

This is kind of an incomplete list, just in the process of being updated whenever I get the urge.