Moodle (as of July 2011) is still a significant part of my life.  I’m interested in making it as easy as possible to engage and use this as a platform/environment to support learning and save time.  While we all know that the one off F2F workshop model of Professional development is not ideal, I do do workshops.  As well we offer online workshops.  Our philosophy is Experience First, then Critique, Design and Build.

2011: I’ve been involved in Moodle staff development and course design on version 2.0 including workshops in Wellington and Christchurch (New Zealand).
In Christchurch, I’ve presented on behalf of the GCSN, [Greater Canterbury Schools Network] and I sometimes work with them.

In May and June I presented on Moodle and running some Moodle training in regional China (Chuxiong) and in Singapore.

In a previous life: there has been quite a good dose of Moodle since the start of 2008 when we began the process to choose a new LMS at the University of Canterbury.

I specialised in course design, staff development – especially new paradigms and how best to support a whole institution in shifting from Blackboard to Moodle.

2006: Bilingual Moodle. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work online in Moodle with THEKA, an association of Library professionals in Portugal.  Several months online culminated with a workshop in Lisbon.  This is where I learned about Moodle first: very much a hands on experience.