Workshop: Online ‘Month of Moodle’

Eight steps to familiarity with Moodle 2.0

EXPERIENCE Moodle as a Student, acquire some basic DESIGN skills, BUILD a basic course in Moodle.

COST: $90 + GST. Discounts available (eg for teachers and workplace trainers), and some free places.
START DATE: April 2011
FINISH: some flexibility
TIME REQUIREMENTS: 2-5 hours per week depending
COURSE PRESENTERS: Derek Chirnside and others depending on numbers.

The fine print:

  • Totally online, very flexible timing.
  • Flexibility when you work with weekly deadlines.
  • System requirements:
    Reliable and regular internet access, Ability to play video’s, YouTube, camera or scanner
  • Basic skill requirements: using a browser (back button, refresh, favourites), ability to manage e-mails.
    The ability to remember a password.
    Ability to upload photos and scanned documents – or know someone who can do it for you.
  • Personal requirements: some level of personal organisation and focus, a positive attitude
  • The course will run in the Dataview Moodle 2.0 site.  You will have the opportunity to work/build in a section or a course of your own.  You will have a chance to work with others or on your own.

Aims/course content:

  1. ONRAMP: system check, skill check, reality check.
    Get online and into the right course.
    Introductions and goal setting.
    What is Moodle?
  2. EXPERIENCE Moodle as a student/trainee.  Fieldtrip to a Moodle course (Probably on Coffee Appreciation)
    Start a learning journal, some reflection
    CORE: Logging in, navigation, engaging with activities, personal profile, online identity, having fun
    OPTION: Engage in a (very very short) group activity
  3. DESIGN: gain some skills in creating courses to enhance interactive and engaged learning.
    Core idea: Learning Pathways, Design of learning experiences
    What Moodle offers (and doesn’t offer)
    Resources and activities, what they can do and not do
    Develop a robust and efficient workflow
  4. BUILD a simple course in Moodle
    Appreciate basic Moodle concepts (course, section, resource, activity, forum, roles, groups)
    CORE: Add files, media, forums, branding, user management
    EXPOSURE TO: Folders, groups, gradebook
    Develop standards for a “quality” course design.
  5. MORE ADVANCED TOPICS AS OPTIONS: Folders, groups, wikis, questions/quizzes, finding your way around (where there are 1,000,000 members)
  6. OFF-RAMP: whew!  Moodle, a reality check.
    Onto the future.  “Save time, enhance learning, feel better about your teaching”


Will this be beneficial if I use Moodle 1.9? Probably
What happens if I get behind? The schedule has flexibility.
Can I use my own site to build in? Yes.  But you can also build in ours and export it.  We will not be able to be there with you as much.
What is the minimum engagement? One post per week
Why should I do this course? An investment in the future.  Moodle may have some limitations, but it can save time and improve effectiveness and efficiency.
Payment: International, by PayPal, Local: (NZ) PayPal or Bank transfer on invoice.

Any other questions: just ask.  Contact: derek.chirnside(at)