Over the past months I’ve had some involvement in several International programmes based at the University of Canterbury.  4 or 8 weeks, teacher development, or teacher-educator development programmes.  I have found them wonderful interactions, and have learned a lot from the participants.

Bangladesh teachers in Christchurch 2009

I’ve put a few photos from the second Bangladesh group on Flickr.

The Bangladesh programme is designed to support the TQI project.  My part in this was looking at reflective practice (for us and our teachers-to-be), teaching strategies to support active learning and some of the theory behind active learning.  It has spilled over into leadership (for example double loop learning) and specifically the challenge of teaching large classes.

Korea group, March 2009

Mainly the technology <> ESOL teaching connection.

China group, July 2009

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuchang Branch (HUSTWB)

Chinese language web site | They have yet to finish their English pages, but something about their university can be found here.

The usual: interactive teaching approaches and the technology connection.